Come with me back in time, back to the 1500s, back to the coasts of Portugal, to the Port of Lisbon. Here you find our great, great grandparents who used to trade spices, precious stones, and jewellery. Lives spent in the heat of the sun and the shadows of market stalls, on ships and trips, on hills and seas. Envision our ancestors and feel with them: the warmth, the sparkle and the grace of diamonds and spices. The breeze brushing their cheeks and the twinkle of the seas, the depth of the blue that tell stories of sapphire and alexandrite. Do you feel it? See that white sails ship that left and all you can make of it now is a dot on the horizon? It left, to take the secrets to the oceans and return bearing gifts and treasures.


However, our good friend Time went on and with its journey came the Portuguese Inquisition, and our forefathers had only two options: give up the life they built on the shores of Portugal or give up the life their parents passed onto them: the culture and traditions but foremost, their beliefs. Friends of theirs formally converted to Catholicism while our family packed their lives and left for the Netherlands, to start anew, because being true to ourselves and those around us was and will always be of utmost importance.


After hardships and beaten roads, they arrived in the “low countries”. Here they did what they could do best, and that was trading. By the mid-XVII century, the Netherlands had become the dominant trade power in Europe, as they revolutionized the shipbuilding. The channel would be crossed back and forth to the United Kingdom to a place known by "the Strand" for merchandise, hence our predecessors had started to be known as "the Stranders". Traveling and trading increased continually and so my great grandfather opened a diamond factory that with Time was passed on to my grandfather who brought to the market great quality diamonds. When my father’s turn came, he traveled to places like Sri Lanka and Africa to open diamond factories that were delivering the loveliest special cut diamonds. Different times, different places, but the same blood running through our veins, the same love and joy for what is authentic.


Yet, as our dear friend Time kept passing, he left behind the old-style business. Technological revolutions took place and today people make the best possible grade of diamonds with their own hands, with the help of 3D printers and such technology. These are sold for a fraction of the price of a real diamond, created by the beautiful nature we have been entrusted with. Consequently, the diamond market is driven by price rather than by the true value of what is pure and real. Nevertheless, we stand strong for what we believe in, for what we deem important, and that is to give the world what has been given to us. That is why we are here.


The passion for excellent things has been passed on throughout the generations, and so the will to bring to the world what is best and most precious.